Friday, April 12, 2024

Why I Still Get Dressed Up


My Note: We all have our reasons for getting dressed up.  I am casual most of the time (jeans / tee) and work is black pants and black top (store uniform). However, I look forward to raiding my closet (Pinterest enhanced) and getting out to an elegant restaurant, play. or just an evening with girlfriends. It is part of the "Feminine Differential" I write about and adore. I don't think I will ever grow weary of this routine. 

Paul Simon sang it best:  

I will not be convicted by a jury of my peers - Still Crazy After All These Years.


[Beth's take on] Why i still get dressed up:  Earlier this spring, i asked the question, “does fashion still matter?“.  Many of you responded and said that it does.  given everything that’s happened and continues to happen this year, i think it’s still a reasonable question to ponder. in fact, it was just the other day someone asked me, “why i still get dressed up?”.  given that we’re all spending a lot more time at home than we used to, it’s a totally reasonable question to ask.  it’s so easy to spend the day in comfies or athleisure wear.  is there really a point to getting dressed up anymore?  

Why I still get dressed up

As you might have guessed, i think there is still a point.  and today, we’re going to show you three of my favorite “dressy” outfits from this summer.  but before that, i just want to give you two simple reasons why i still get dressed up: 


Looking our best can and does lift our own spirits.  taking care of ourselves, irrespective of our circumstances—good, bad, or in-between—goes a long way to keeping our own spirits high.  taking care of ourselves encompasses a lot no doubt, and dressing up is just one aspect.  however, it’s an important one.   taking some time in the morning to pick out a well put-together outfit, get ready, and then get dressed goes a long way to setting the spirit and pace for the rest of the day.  don’t believe me?  try it.  you might be surprised.  


looking our best serves as an inspiration to others.  seems odd, right?  it’s not, really.  putting some time and effort into how we look can show people that we care.  and it’s important to show people that we care—about ourselves and the world around us.  back in the spring, we committed to you, our readers, to continue to provide you a fashion distraction.  we hope that it has and will continue to serve as an inspiration to you.  and we hope that you will continue to serve as an inspiration to others, because boy do we need to spread some of that energy around at this moment in time.   

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