Monday, January 30, 2023

The Skater Skirt

"Skater skirts got their name from their resemblance to the dresses worn by figure skaters. Their hemline sits just above the knees, and they are usually high-waisted.  A skater skirt is a flared variant of an A-line skirt that is shorter and ends above the knees. Sometimes seen as a mini-skirt."  Stylecraze on how to wear a Skater Skirt.

On the Stylecraze site there are 25 Cute Skater Skirt Outfits Ideas. I only wish one of the photos showed someone in my age group; Oh well.  "Bravely go..." 

Twiggy 1960's
I found the photo above while searching for information on the former J. Crew CEO Jenna Lyons. She is on the left. Looking at that photo, I fell n love with the woman's outfit on the right. Could I look that good?  I have the white hair. 

She is wearing a long sweater / tunic top that drops well below her hips and a classic white skater skirt. The simplicity and feminine differential is lovely.  

Could I wear that outfit? Let's face fact. It is well below my age-appropriate threshold, but cute. So off I went to Amazon and found CoCo Women's Basic Versatile Stretchy Flared Casual Mini Skater Skirt. Oh my, it is  actually called a mini-skirt. At least I would not break the bank to trying it ($15.68).   

Most of us are part of the mini-skirt revolution and remember the stir that Twiggy made with her mini. I loved it when the girls at my high school emulated the look. They had legs!

See the History of the Mini Skirt

My legs have trimmed out with the weight loss and are still in reasonably good shape with walking. The part of the Amazon description missing was the length. Still "unencumbered by the thought process", I ordered. It is cute and has an elastic waist that makes the fit easy. With my long covering blue sweater (already in my closet) I am going to give it a try. There is no denying that it is well above m knee.  

I will keep you posted and hope someone comes to my rescue when the fashion police charge me with being age-inappropriate in public.  Florida already has the "the voting police", so could the fashion police be far behind. The charge,  "Crossdressing as a teen."  Wish me luck! 

Feel free to add your comments on the mini or the above look.

PS: Stana, I wish you well in your surgery today!



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