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The Ultimate Florida Man

Gov. Ron DeSantis
The Ultimate "Florida Man" 

Wikipedia:  "[A] Florida Man" is an Internet meme first popularized in 2013, referring to an alleged prevalence of male persons performing irrational, maniacal, or absurd actions in the U.S. state of Florida.  

e.g. A Florida Man Threatens to Kill Man With 'Kindness,' Uses Machete Named 'Kindness'. One of many Wildest Florida Man Headlines of 2019

The Tampa  Bay Times Reports: 

Dangerous games.

DeSantis is pro-science only when it suits him. He’s anti-expert when they defy him. He’s Donald Trump but devoid of the charm. He wasted Floridians’ tax dollars to send immigrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard and his new Office of Election Crimes and Security arrested felons for voter fraud even though they had good reason to believe they were allowed to vote. He turned the COVID pandemic into an us vs. them *showdown, “them” being anyone who dared advocate for mask wearing or social distancing. He didn’t just push his COVID agenda, he threatened to remove, fine or sue local and county officials who were making hard decisions concerning public health during an unprecedented pandemic. He withheld funds from jurisdictions that weren’t in lockstep with him. He did this as more than 82,000 Floridians died from the virus. And parse and age-adjust the COVID numbers any way you wish, but his decisions meant that Floridians died unnecessarily.

*See - Ron DeSantis Proposes Permanently Banning COVID-19 Mandates

The Tallahassee Democratic Reports:

Abortion / A Woman's Right to Choose

After the U.S. Supreme Court overturned federal abortion rights in June, giving states full authority to create their own policies, DeSantis promised to “expand pro-life protections.”

DeSantis recently signed into law a ban on most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy, with no exceptions for rape or incest, reducing what had been a 24-week standard in place for almost a half-century.

Now, the Republican governor is widely expected to seek a stricter ban, a so-called heartbeat bill prohibiting most abortions after six weeks. But as he campaigns for a second term, he’s not talking about it.

Time Magazine Reports:


The aggressive redistricting plan was the work of DeSantis, who pushed to give the GOP an even bigger advantage than the Republican legislature had dared and defied court challenges to keep it in place. The resulting map eliminates four Democratic-leaning seats to give the GOP as many as 20 seats in Congress to just 8 for Democrats, despite the state’s narrow partisan divide. It’s among the ways Democrats have been strong-armed out of power in Florida in recent years, leading many to argue that the state Trump now calls home has become more red than purple. Last year, the number of registered Republicans in Florida surpassed the number of Democrats for the first time in history, an edge that is now 270,000 strong.

MSNBC Reports:

DeSantis’ culture war isn’t just divisive, it’s also expensive.

In recent years, Gov. Ron DeSantis and Florida’s GOP-led legislature focused much of their attention on culture war priorities. As regular readers know, Republicans in the Sunshine State made it harder for Floridians to vote. And made it easier to ban books from school libraries and classrooms. And approved a new abortion ban. And created restrictions on the right to peaceably protest. And tried to regulate social media companies' “deplatforming” policies.

The Republican has lost far more of these legal fights than he’s won. The Herald added, “In case after case, courts have scaled back, thrown out, or left in legal limbo rules and laws that impose restrictions on social media giants; limit voting; curb gender-related health care; influence speech in the workplace, college campuses and classrooms; and create new crimes for peaceful protests.”

The litigation isn’t free: To date, Florida taxpayers have had to pay at least $16.7 million to defend DeSantis’ culture war agenda, which by any fair measure, has suffered a series of embarrassing defeats in the courts.

See Newsweek -  As legal bills mount, Florida paid about $35,000 for each migrant in Martha's Vineyard flights. Tweets about DeSantis' expenses to fund the transport of migrants from Florida [Texas] to more liberal states like Massachusetts, saying the governor has spent $12 million to charter the planes that landed in Martha's Vineyard, are gathering thousands of likes on the social media platform.  Class action lawsuits and legal fee have just started. Florida has agreed to pay up to $1 million to two law firms to defend it, following Gov. Ron DeSantis’ controversial decision. 


Rhonda Williams

This Ultimate Florida Man is not done. His power addiction runs deep. DeSantis has taken his crusade against ‘woke ideology’ to Pennsylvania, Ohio as he rallies for the fall GOP candidates. He bragged about his more recent move to suspend [elected] Hillsborough County State Attorney Andrew Warren (D), claiming he was not fulfilling his duties by declining to prosecute gender-affirming procedures or abortion casesDeSantis' personal dictates.   

DeSantis claims with his political mandate, Florida is where WOKE has come to die.  All of America needs to be "Woke" to the danger this ultimate Florida man poses to free thought, free will and democracy as we know it now. 

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