Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Shopping Your Closet for A Cool Evening Escape


"This is how I love to dress!!!
 I would look cute in this outfit especially wearing those sexy heels!!!"

There ares some outfits that jump off the page (Pinterest) and begs to be found / purchased.  I love looking at fashion online and as most of us. I am enthralled by the feminine fashion differential. Maybe our first impulse should not be purchase, but, do I already have it?

All of the above items are in my closet. The turtle neck years old, may be worn, by necessity, once a winter season here in Florida. The white jeans (leggings), Chicos last year; nice look / fit. The classic Caressa pumps, at least 20 years old.    

Our model, *Sophie Elkus, is enjoying her coffee and looks so "put-together"; confident. This is a look to emulate. Florida is experiencing a cool week, so I have my outfit for a Saturday afternoon wine tasting "Escape", already decided.  

It is fun to always shop your closet first. You never know what beautiful outfits are already there.   

*Sophie Elkus


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