Monday, January 16, 2023

The Chic Rider



Bike (motorcycle) riding here in Southern Florida is an awesome year-round activity. My second favorite escape. This past New Year's Day I rode about 40 miles north up to Hobe Sound.  My first stop was the beautiful Hobe Sound Beach Park. After, I rode back south along Beach Road, with mansions to the right, left, and the occasional peek at the ever-present Atlantic to my left.  

Hobe Sound Florida 

The day's temperature was in the high 70s.  A good day for my new denim (X'Mas present to myself) jacket which felt good at times. 

Some days I ride a little further north and drop in at the Stuart, "Treasure Coast Harley" store. On many Saturday afternoons there is a ride-in with live 70s rock music and free hot dogs and cold beer. I love the looks I get being a white-haired rider "babe" on a big ride. Strangely, I don't look that out of place, although a least 100 pounds off the typical. (Insert laughing emoji)   

Side note: I consider myself to be just the occasional joy / solo rider. Here is good discussion on Biker vs Rider. There is a difference.

The Denim Jacket has a tight-fitting crop cut with the requisite embroidery on the back. The embroidery is a little more colorful than a man's jacket would be and the cut of the jacket is more body contouring. The cute t-shirt has a string lace-up front neckline. A nice feminine differential. 

Next the boots - Harley Women's Abbey 3.5" Sassy Boots that I am yet to take on a ride. Harley had them one-half-off after the holidays. They are cute, comfortable and unmistakably feminine. I have my (little more than a man's heel) boots, Women's Tegan Lace-up Boots, that are my everyday ride. They have gotten a lot of wear. The high heel boots above may be more for dress than ride. If I do wear then on a ride I will post photos. 

Daytona Bike Week 

Coming up is "Daytona Bike Week". It is a big deal Florida winter event for bikers. This year March 3/3 - 3/12. I have never attended. However, for some, it is an annual pilgrimage with lots of events, riding, swap meets, and wild parties. Daytona is about a two and half hour ride from where I live. Last year I signed up for a "Woman's Ride" (about 30 miles) on country roads in and around Daytona Beach. The weather that day was awful so I did not go, plus it was called off for safety reasons at the last moment. 

Biker Belles The Morning Ride

This year "The Morning Ride at Daytona Bike Week" is scheduled again, weather permitting, Wednesday, March 8, 2023.

The Morning Ride Daytona is to celebrate women riders and raise funds for worthy charities. Visitors to the 82nd annual Daytona Bike Week can join a guided ride led by Ride Captain Maggie Hicks and other influential women in the motorcycle industry.

Maybe this year?  Reservation are at BikerBells. It states, man and women are welcome. Does anyone want to join me?    

See also my post "Biker Babe".. .

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