Thursday, August 12, 2021

Mixing Genders On A Motorcycle


Money Magazine - Nearly 20 percent of motorcycle riders are women according according to the latest national survey by the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC).

The study found that among all age groups, women make up 19 percent of motorcycle owners, compared with less than 10 percent a decade ago. The survey also found even greater ownership among younger generations. Among Millennials, 26 percent of motorcycle owners were women. Among Gen X, 22 percent were women.

Best Rides For Women

Andria Yu, MIC director of communications:

As the number of Boomers and mature motorcyclists shrink and are replaced by newer riders, we could soon be looking at a solid 25 percent of motorcycle owners being female. 

The MIC polled more than 2,400 adults nationwide for the survey. 

While the percentage of women riders may be on the rise, total ridership is struggling in the U.S. Overall Motorcycle sales have been stagnant since the Great Recession, with annual sales peaking in 2006. 

My opinion:  I think the MCI is being optimistic in there estimation of 26 percent female riders. The younger generations are just not as interested in two wheels as we boomers. They prefer their airbag equipped, air conditioned, nearly self-driving BMWs.  Going forward, I hope not a completely lost market for either gender.   


Nice bike dude - huh; Lady?

Should I try for an androgynous look on a motorcycle?  There is lots of women's gear and some even have a feminine differential (see below).  With your hair, or lack there of, under a helmet, who is to know?  Pull up to a stoplight in classic tight jeans and boots you can blend in as one of the 20% female riders.  Yes, an ESCAPE with a passion.  

However, the Saturday night stop at your local "biker bar" may be a story of another type.  Proceed with caution.    



  1. It's true that our ranks as motorcyclists is declining and has steadily done so during the twenty years I've been riding. The annual IMS shows demonstrate that plainly.

    Riding is a great activity for everyone, women included. How you adorn yourself with gear and clothing is a personal choice. I know women who like to display their gender with pink jackets, etc. and others who vomit at that choice. Gender presentation is wide open when it comes to motorcycle attire. I once rode on a public street in a tutu and high heels, and there are photos on my blog to prove it.

  2. I don't know, but, in that pic, the motorcycle sure makes her butt look good. If that would work for me, I'd be on a bike this afternoon! :-)

    1. Does she make the bike look good or does the bike make her look good? I guess we will need to buy a bike to see if works for our butt.