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Biden tells DeSantis to 'get out of the way' amid Covid surge

By GARY FINEOUT 08/03/2021 12:18 PM EDT 

TALLAHASSEE — President Joe Biden criticized Gov. Ron DeSantis on Tuesday amid the state’s surge in coronavirus cases, saying he should “get out of the way” of people who are trying to “do the right thing.”

The president’s comments come as Florida has become one of the worst states in the nation for infections, with more than 11,500 hospitalizations reported Tuesday by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Over the past three days, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that the state has had more than 50,000 new infections and 100 deaths.

Biden blamed both DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for barring Covid restrictions like mask mandates or vaccine passports — policies that DeSantis has pushed even as the state’s Covid rates skyrocket.

“Some state officials are passing laws … that forbid people from doing the right thing,” Biden said. "I say to the governors, please help. If you're not going to help, get out of the way of the people that are trying to do the right thing. Use your power to save lives."

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