Friday, August 27, 2021

Meetup Group - Martin County Art Gallery

Wine & Song Meetup

The group Meetup details as written by 
Priscilla our meetup host:

The Martin County Arts Council is a dynamic organization that hosts and supports artists of all kinds in our area. Their building is located at 80 SE Ocean Blvd. and houses a lovely art gallery, currently featuring an exhibit showcasing the works of Jim Houser and Dan Mackin titled, “Horizons”. On Aug. 24th, you’re invited to come and tour the Arts Council building and property, and browse the Art Gallery. You’ll be treated to a Welcome Beverage (wine, rum punch, or lemonade) served outside on the front patio, weather permitting (otherwise inside). We’ll hear from a staff member giving us a brief description of the Arts Council and the wonderful things they are doing! After the Gallery visit, you're invited (optional) to come to the "Sneaki Tiki" on Colorado Ave (Stuart). for a drink or a bite.

This was a fun meetup with the ladies above.  Martin county is the next county north of Palm Beach County and borders on the town of Jupiter, where I live. Our meetup host was Priscilla (second form the right). I have been a member of this group for over two years and never found the time (covid) to attend. 

Tuesday evening was my first time with this group and I got to meet such a fun group of ladies. Especially Linda in the middle in the green dress above. The Gallery was small but had two rooms full of beautiful Florida-centric art.

The "Sneaki Tiki" is a real hole between two walls. It can best be described as Florida rustic.  At the bar that evening was a genuine "Florida Man", with his dog. He has a kayak  / paddle board business here in Jupiter and invited the Meetup group for a kayaking adventure.   

This was a such a worthwhile example of getting out (Escape). It takes a lot of effort to be courageous going to places you have never been and meeting new people.  At the end of the evening, it was all worth it. I love meetups.  

Evening at the Gallery 


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