Wednesday, August 11, 2021

How to Look Feminine

  21 Proven Ways

Looking feminine is the goal of every girl [and transgender girl]. For woman of any age, being feminine is synonymous to being attractive. Some women are naturally blessed with feminine curves, while others might be less endowed. Regardless your body traits, there is something every girl can do to look more feminine and feel more like a woman.

My Note: On the blog each list-item is expanded and I will highlight several that are great suggestion for our feminine appearance. Be sure to read the whole expanded list on the blog Petite Dressing.  Great suggestions weather you are petite, plus size or everything in between.  

Here is the list:

  • Wear Clothes that Fit Properly
  • Wear Feminine Fabrics
  • Avoid anything too Tight
  • Wear Heels
  • Wear Shoes with Feminine Details
  • Wear Dresses and Skirts
  • Opt for Delicate Jewelry
  • Incorporate Girly Details
  • Wear Red Lipstick
  • Avoid Heavy Makeup
  • Refresh your Makeup
  • Adapt More Color
  • Refresh your Lingerie
  • Wear Mermaid Silhouette
  • Don’t Forget to Style Hair
  • Avoid Any Boyish Garments
  • Be Selective with Pantsuit
  • Add Perfume
  • Skip the Gender Neutral Trend
  • Pay attention to Details
  • Be Accommodating and Receptive

Wear Clothes that Fit Properly
Proper fit is essential to looking feminine. Avoid clothing that is loosely fitted, because most of those clothes are shapeless and do not highlight your figure. Most clothes require some tailoring to achieve a perfect fit, invest in necessary alterations.

Avoid anything too Tight
Looking feminine does not mean you should be wearing skin tight clothing either. Some might think bodycon dresses highlight your curves, therefore they must be the most feminine clothes to wear. However, you must strike a balance and do not go overboard. Being feminine means you look classy and appropriate for the occasion. Wearing bodycon dresses might be okay if you are in your 20s or going clubbing, but they might look too much for any other age group. Avoid too loose or too tight, and the middle ground area is perfect for a feminine aesthetic.

Wear Dresses and Skirts
It’s no secret dresses and skirts are the epitome of feminine style. They’re pieces that are exclusive to women’s fashion. Anytime you want to ensure you look feminine in an outfit, opt for a dress or skirt. Just about any silhouette will look feminine, as long it flatters your body shape and fits properly.

Avoid Heavy Makeup
I just talked about how important red lipstick is, but that doesn’t mean you need to be wearing heavy makeup doing day time. Contrary to popular belief, super heavy makeup isn’t necessary to achieving a feminine look. Stick with a minimal, natural makeup approach to bring out your natural features.  If your lip is already enough pop of color, then go more natural with your eye shadow. Don’t do your makeup overboard is the best way to look feminine and natural.

Pay attention to Details
There are some smaller things that many women forget to pay attention to, because they focus too much on the clothes and shoes. Even though their outfit and make up are perfect, ignoring these details will leave the impression that is the opposite to being feminine.  Some examples are keeping shoes dust free, making sure no wrinkles on the shirt and no yellow stein on white tops. These things seem to be very minor, but when you don’t pay enough attention to them they can ruin your whole impression on others.


  1. A couple of details that I find important are my eyebrows and nails. I do pluck my errant brow hairs at least twice a week. I don't wax, since there are not enough hairs to warrant that. I'm not so good about my nails, mani or pedi. I have been doing quite a bit of construction around the house for the last 15 months, so I would just ruin a manicure the next day. Prior to the pandemic, I would visit a salon regularly, and I had acrylic nails. My own nails are so ridged and tend to curl under if I try to have any length at all. I keep telling myself that I need to go back to the salon, even if I'm not done with my projects. Your post just might be the kick-in-the-butt I need to make an appointment! Thank you, Rhonda.

    1. Great point Velma. I have started on my eyebrows just a few months ago. What a difference. Doing my nails always makes we want to show off my hands while talking - a feminine differential.