Monday, August 30, 2021

The Art of Being a Lady

10 Ways to Feel More Feminine

BY Oksana

We can no longer avoid the dreaded f-word. 
I’m talking about femininity

Let’s start at the beginning (what a novel idea!).

Without delving too far into gender roles and religion (although I’d be delighted to discuss these topics in a different medium), we need to understand what femininity means. Originally, the word referred to (drumroll, please…) the female sex. That’s it; no hidden, convoluted meaning, no negative connotation, no backhand insult.

Now, when the modern age demands that girls behave like their fathers and boys dress like their mothers, it’s safe to say that we have lost touch of what it means to be feminine and, essentially, what it means to be a lady.

Growing up, I was not feminine by any stretch of the imagination. Oh sure, I was the 4-year-old orchestrating runway shows in the living room, teetering in my mother’s highest heels and most luxurious robes, with an obnoxious plastic crown atop my mess of curls (to fully clear up any confusion as to who was in charge).

In high school, there was a time I may have serendipitously grasped at the idea of femininity, having never truly succumbed to peer pressure in spite of being the epitome of a bully target (think bush eyebrows, glasses, zero social skills). By the time I entered the university, I was THAT girl. Oh, you know the kind – strutting into my seven-thirty-in-the-morning class wearing heels and my warrior mask (otherwise known as a full face of makeup). [Sound familiar

Much more interesting than a walk down memory lane, however, is the fact that while I was oh-so-busy prancing around in frou-frou dresses, I didn’t even notice that something was missing from the masterpiece that is called my life. While I may have looked the part of a lady (besides a few awkward fashion phases here and there, which we won’t talk about) I was too focused on looking like one to realize that I also needed to act like one.

And how does a lady act? So glad you asked!

I like this quote from Megan Gahan, a fellow blogger, who says:

[Women] were created to be strong and powerful and formidable, not in spite of your sex, but because of it.” (Amen, sister!)

The source of true feminine beauty comes from deep inside a woman’s being and is manifested when our thoughts, words, actions and emotions are in perfect harmony with our purpose as a woman.

And now, without further ado, I present to you 10 ways to feel more feminine.

Here are the 10 with out explanation See the blog post for more information on each

No. 1   | Be present
No. 2   | Relax
No  3   | Deliberately enjoy every moment - (My Favorite)
No. 4   | Declutter your life, both physical and mental
No. 5   | Refine your speech
No. 6   | Wear more silk
No. 7   | Turn on the positive energy
No. 9   | Spend time with your man (Partner)
No. 10 | Spread the love

These are great and suggestion we all can apply - Read more and enjoy the art of being a lady.


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  1. For me and some others, femininity is a confusing, difficult subject. When I grew up, femininity was one of the strongest markers of gender. So naturally we interpreted it as such but feminine presentation/behavior is actually separate from gender identity. There are unfeminine women and they're no less female for being that way. Sorting this out is something I still wrestle with.