Tuesday, August 31, 2021

National Beach Day


Venus - Blouson Tankini
My latest addition to the collection 

Apart from celebrating our favorite beaches, the goal of National Beach Day is to encourage beach lovers to clean up trash left behind by others on the beach. Thousands of sea birds, seals, pelicans and other beach/sea animals are killed and injured every day by discarded fishing line, plastic bags, aluminum cans, oil spills and other debris. These items poison animals and get tangled in wings, beaks and intestines, causing pain, starvation and the slow painful death of these innocent animals. 

Help keep your beach beautiful and safe for everyone...including the animals.


Sue's news and views blog a few weeks ago did a wonderful piece on swimwear for TGirls. There is very little I can add to her wonderful advice. 

It's the height of the holiday season and beachwear is the norm here on the coast. Here life is relaxed and quite family-oriented and it's acceptable to walk in town or shops in your swimwear with just a light top or wrap. Fundamentally, though, it's a choice between bikini or a swimsuit for us women. These are the kinds of garments that epitomise femininity... 

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