Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Who I Am

Who I Am is the story of a transgender teenager from a very religious family who tries to reconcile their identity with their family’s expectations and their faith. It is a story of overcoming rejection and standing strong in our own truth, regardless of outside circumstances.

Written and Directed by Monika Wilczynska

Executive Producer: Frank Neumann

Cast: Paul O’Dea, Adele James, Andrew McKenzie, Marc Aldridge, Dominica Warburton, Ray Richardson, Tiffany Ellen Robinson, Katie Anjuli Singh, Federico Santos Alves, Louis Stannett. 

Crew: Rok Verbosek, Laura Sophie Helbig, Jome Joseph, Patrick Renton, Dewen Myrza, Rachel Kloosterman, Joseline Likandja, Gersimos Papachristopoulos, Ana Martins, Liz Bradbear, Moritz Limmer, Fabian Finsterer, Nicole Wan Wong, Quentin Gliech, Maciej Miskiewicz, Sam Woodcock, Marc Hankins. 

Who I Am [2016] had a three year long festival run around the world. It screened in the US, Canada, UK, France, India and Uganda amongst others. It got nominated and selected to be screened at 21 International Film Festivals and won 6 awards, including Best Trans Short, Best Performance and Best Director. You can find the full list of awards and nominations below. 


Depth of Field International Film Festival Awards of Excellence for Best Director [Monika Wilczynska], Best Cinematography [Rok Verbosek], Best Actor [Paul O’Dea], Best Actress [Adele James]. 

LGBT Toronto Feedback Film Festival - Best Performance Winner

Out On Film, Atlanta’s LGBT Film Festival - Best Trans Short Winner

Nominations and Screenings: 

Cannes Film Festival [2017] - Short Film Corner, Montreal World Film Festival, New Fest, New York’s LGBT Film Festival , QFest - San Antonio Film Festival, Queen City Film Festival, Sedona International Film Festival, Toronto Independent Film Festival, 8th Underground Cinema Film Festival Dublin, QCinema Fort Worth FF, Out on Film Atlanta FF, Let’s All Be Free London Film Festival, Queer Kampala - Uganda’s first LGBT Film Festival, Blow Up International Arthouse Chicago Film Festival, New Delhi - U Special International Campus Film Festival 2018, LGBT Toronto Feedback Film Festival, Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival, San Gio Verona Video Festival,  Stamped Pensacola LGBT FF, Depth of Field International FF, Rainbow Visions FF, TMC London Film Festival,  8th Toronto Independent Film Festival

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