Thursday, August 19, 2021

Feminine Differential - Embellished Jeans


I remember wearing embroidered jeans in the 70's.  The jeans were tan and the  was something round one ankle like the Boston Proper Jeans above.  Even back then, I would dare to wear just an ever so slight feminine differential.  And you guessed it, they were called "bell bottom" or as described today "flair".  I think the above two items have a wonderful feminine differential and I love off-the-shoulder tops for my tan. 

Both are from Boston Proper*. 



In case you have forgotten about 70's embroided jeans, there is a line in Dr. Hook's song "Cover of the Rolling Stone".  I know, before your time!

  I got a freaky ole lady name a Cocaine Katy Who embroiders on my jeans 

*Purchase Review: The off-the-shoulder top is wonderful and will look great with many white skirts / skinny white jeans.  Great price and look.  The the jeans are a different story.  The embellishment on the jean is cute but a little over powering.  With super long and skinny legs they would look great. However the overall quality of the jeans is not there. They are cheaply made and the embellishment cannot make up for that.  I will be returning the jeans.  

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  1. Hahaha, that brought back wonderful memories..thank you!....great song