Friday, March 12, 2021

Biker Babe

2009 Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle

Last week's post on "Bikes" generated the most views for any single day; close to 10,000. it even exceeded post about shoes. I am so shocked and not sure what that says....  

It also stirred up a latent desire to ride again. Unless you have had a bike/ride, it is hard to describe the freedom, excitement and pure pleasure derived. Younger, I would love riding in Virginia on the twisting country roads. Even in Florida there are wonderful rides along out-of-the way beach drives that only local know about. 

Maybe there is one more bike to be added to my long list of fun rides. I will keep you posted.

*V-Rod - The Harley that Harley purist hate; I  love it.  Motorcycle Cruiser wrote:

The V-Rod was intended to bring in more than the usual suspects, and it did. It became the company's best-selling bike in other countries. In America, V-Rod buyers often came from other brands, attracted by its modern engine, excellent performance and not-the-usual-cruiser style.


Hobe Sound - The Road Calls


  1. The V-Rod was the ONLY Harley that I considered buying. When it first came out in that metallic silver color, it was truly a thing of beauty! BUT...it was still a Harley so I didn't buy one. ;-)

    1. Me tooooo -I would never buy a Harley but the VROD is very tempting.

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