Monday, March 1, 2021

I Love A Success Story - Happy Birthday CJ

"He has his own evolving style. He brings out laughter in me with ease. He cares for the people around him with a fierceness that makes him the best kind of friend."  CJ's Mom. 

C.J. at 14 - A happy teenager.
Many of have been following CJ through his mom's blog "Raising My Rainbow".  There are really two success stories here. 

CJ's mom -  The author of the memoir/chronicle (book) about her journey of raising a gender nonconforming child.

And, according to CJ's mom - "CJ is the most captivating child you will ever meet with an insane knack for art and color, interior design and gymnastics.  His passions include Barbie, Monster High, LEGO Friends, American Girl dolls and women’s hair and shoes.  When he grows up he wants to be a an artist or teacher.  Former aspirations include hair stylist and mommy."

Following the blog has been fascinating and adds much to the fantasy of what our lives could have been like had we been born in the 21 century.     

Here is what CJ's mom wrote on CJ's 14 birthday: 

Happy 14th Birthday CJ!

Posted on February 1, 2021 by raisingmyrainbow

I blinked those tired, hurried, worried blinks of a mom and suddenly I’m here. A mom with a nearly-18-year-old and a 14 year old. Yes. CJ is 14.

He’s 14 and he’s a beautiful, totally original, complex, deep feeling soul who I’m lucky enough to raise. How did Matt and I get so lucky? How did we get lucky enough to have a child who is different? A child who has opened our hearts and minds. A child who has taught us so many life lessons.

Read more at the Raising My Rainbow" blog and what I wrote about CJ under the post Gender Is Over.

From all of us - Happy Birthday CJ. 

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