Friday, January 6, 2023

The Price-Is-Right - The 'In' Crowd

I apologize of running such a similar "Price-Is_Right" game again.  My original intent was to shame Tory Burch and what I see as outrageous greed in their product pricing. 

I live in a somewhat affluent area and my nearest mall is upscale. When a trend takes over the teen girls demand to be in the "in-crowd" as peer pressure rules. I see as many as 75% of the shopping teens wearing Tory MILLER SANDALS which cost $198 to $328. There is nothing special about these rubber sole flat thong sandals. Other than the Tory "T" logo, they are something you would see at Walmart.

Maybe many of the parents can afford these, and possibly in the multiple colors available. However, having raised four daughters, I don't know how this price could have been justifiable; times four. I am happy that all of my girls are today grown.     

Today's "Price-Is-Right" challenge highlights that prices are arbitrary and based on what the market will bare. If no one pays the asking price, then the products would not prevail.  Sometimes alternatives are available...

Ramsey Lewis Trio The 'In' Crowd 1965
This was my first exposure to Jazz. A continuing love.    
Ramsey Lewis passed September 12, 2022  

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