Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Feminine Dfferential - Chic Ideas to Wear The Chambray Shirt

From the site Outfits For Women by MissPrettyPink

My Note: I love the look of a Chambray shirt and it goes with so much.  Dressed up / down, it provides a feminine differential without being over the top. A wardrobe stables with contrasting jeans or skirt.  

A chambray shirt is a versatile and quintessential staple recommended for everyday use. Chambray fabric is lightweight with plain weave construction that makes it a perfect choice for warmer months. Not just men, fashion-forward girls too love to incorporate it in their everyday outfits. But many of us do not know what chambray is, and we often confuse it with a denim shirt. There are some fundamental commonalities that make them look similar. But actually, they are different. Before we give a lowdown on some great chambray outfit ideas, you are advised to know a wee bit about chambray fabric.

What is Chambray?

Chambray fabric offers a soft touch and unique sheen. Earlier, chambray was all about a fabric weaved in white and blue yarns. But now chambray is available in a range of hues like mossy greens, red clays, soft grays and many more.

Chambray shirts are the right go-to option in summer because they are lightweight and lack the ruggedness of denim fabric, and you can wear it on a daily basis.

My Lauren Chambray Shirt

How to Wear Chambray Shirts?

View the MissPrettyPink site for 16 great looks for the Chambray shirt / blouse and to get a passel of outfit ideas based on chambray fabric. These outfits (if tried) are going to be the purchase you will never regret.

#9 Chambray Blouse with White Skirt (One of my favorite looks)

Add a sophisticated glow to your white knee-length (plain or laced) skirt by pairing it up with a cool chambray shirt. The combination of soft blue and white is pleasing to eyes, especially in summer. Addition of strappy sandals and dramatic handbag complements the whole look.

Wrap up:

There are countless styles and outfit ideas that you can try with chambray fabric. All that is needed is an innovative you, with a lot of confidence to flaunt these amazing looks and styles. Are you ready to make these outfit ideas a part of your summer wardrobe? I am sure you are.

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