Thursday, October 27, 2022

More Bad Optics - Horribly Bad...

[Canadian] Parents Concerned About Teacher With Prosthetic Chest Teaching Kids — But School District Is Defending Her

I wish this was a Halloween story - It is not!

The following story out of Oakville Trafalgar High School in Ontario Canada, that represents the worst of optics for our transgender community. Here is what is going on: 1) A teachers intolerable bad choice of retaliation. 2) A school's administrative decision to play into this travisty.  

Here is a little of the back story I found on a conservative site (reliability questionable).

Everyone has heard now about “Kayla Lemieux,” the shop teacher at a high school outside of Toronto, Canada. He’s the man who showed up this year in mini-skirts and wearing fake boobs that look like two overblown balloons. His appearance is so extreme that even those people who support “transgender” madness are uncomfortable. Now, though, there’s a rumor that this is an elaborate troll from a man intent upon highlighting the corruption and lunacy of his school’s transgender madness.

Here is a prospective from a one source: This dude is gaming the system. This teacher was almost fired for ‘toxic masculinity’ last year, as well as not embracing woke culture. He’d dropped redpills (unsettling truth) on his class, such as how silly gender neutral bathrooms are. T

This is the school's position: 

So now Ms Lemieux, who claims to be transitioning from being a male to a female the story has gone viral after students took photos and videos of the teacher, seemingly without her knowledge. In response, the high school has doubled down and defended their employee, writing to parents and explaining why they support Ms Lemieux’s gender expression. 

Needless to say, FOX news has already taken to the story and is playing it for all they can to damage our transgender community.  

In one of Fox News' strangest segments to date, controversial host Tucker Carlson raged against a transgender teacher's fake breasts and compared them to an obscure genre of Japanese porn. On Wednesday (September 21) Carlson returned to the comparison and expressed outrage at the teacher's fake breasts.

Maybe someone in Canada can add some insight and tell us how this is playing out there?  Here in the US we may not be getting the full story other than the horrible optics and the FOX spin.  


  1. Tucker Carlson is obsessed with the TG issue. He never acknowledges that anyone could be actually transgender.Unfortunately there are a lot of examples of folks who pursued transition and then reversed themselves and Carlson highlights these. If you look in to it almost everyone of them had major issues (eg obesity etc) and they opted for transition as some kind of cure I have yet to see one of them who indicated that they knew they were in the wrong gender from age 4 or 6..
    Carlson also hits on puberty blockers as being chemical castration. Lost in the shuffle are true TG kids who use blockers as a means ,for example, to avoid breast removal down the line

  2. I prefer to ignore Tucker Carlson. He exists solely to entertain the grumpy old trolls who waste part of their day on him program. My feeling is that the shop teacher in question is engaged in a false flag operation of sorts. Maybe the school district thinks its best just to let him make a fool of himself, but IMHO application of a rational dress code would be sufficient to sent him home for a change of clothing (and appliances). Let him come back in appropriately professional attire, which for a shop teacher would be considerable different, given the unique safety considerations in such an environment. He could still wear a wig and enhancements. Perhaps some of the female faculty could give him a few pointers on how to present himself with self respect and with respect for others. Then let him spend the rest of the year learning to live like the people he seems intent to ridicule.

    1. I think you are correct on the false flag thing. What a fool!