Friday, October 28, 2022

Friend's Friday - A Happy Soma Customer

I hope that I am encouraging my readers to escape and be visible. Tina wrote me about her recent escape adventure to a mall Soma Intimates Store. A bra fitting is how I started and now working part-time at Soma. The experience is wonderful.  I love my store co-workers. 

I do bra measurements on customers maybe five to ten times a day. With the Covid lockdown, many women stopped wearing bras at home or have gained/lost weight. Now that we all are venturing out again, many come into the store needing a fitting and a completely new bra makeover. Business is good and I so much enjoy working with the customers. Don't you need a new bra - Can a girl have too many?


Here is Tina's "Escape" experience:

My Soma Visit

I walked in to the Soma in Braintree, MA, and was greeted warmly by the sales staff. One young associate, Kaya, immediately said she loved my outfit (animal print top and denim skirt) and asked what I was looking for.  

I know I blushed slightly as I said, "I'm a little embarrassed to ask, but may I have a bra fitting?"

Kaya quickly reassured me that I didn't need to be embarrassed and that she would be pleased to help me. She led me to the back fitting rooms and I stood in one as she took her measuring tape and wrapped it around my chest.  

As she did the overbust, I quietly said, "You know these are not real", and she smiled and nodded. But then she treated me just like any other woman in the store, and I was glad to have the experience.

Her measurements came out to a 40DD, a shock to me as I believed my forms to be no more than a C. I told Kaya that I had a couple of D bras and felt that the cups wrinkled too much. She said she would bring me some 40C and 40D bras to try on in multiple styles, and I should make sure to put my top back on to see how the bra looked under clothes. I tried on four different products and picked the Embraceable Perfect Coverage bra in 40C as the one I liked the best. I had a mocha color and wanted to find another, as the sale was BOGO 50% off. She came out to the racks with me and pointed me towards a light pink that I liked. After we found my size, I happily went up to the register with her and she rang up the bras. They were a little pricey, even with the sale, but the overall experience was well worth it.  

As Kaya handed me the bag, I gave her a big hug in gratitude for her help.  


Tina - Looking Good!


  1. Rhonda, they dont look that big but they are well proportioned. You look fantastic

    1. These pictures are of me, Tina, taken before my escape into Soma. I agree that I want to keep a more natural proportion. Thanks!

  2. Hey there Tina I am a former Mass girl now in Maine, One of my favorite places to go out enfemme was the Braintree Mall and also the Burlington Mall Thanks for a delightful article --Paula Gaikowski

    1. Hi Paula, I liked walking through Braintree Mall, although I had to be careful not to slide forward in my sandals. I even visited the Sephora store next door to Soma.