Wednesday, October 19, 2022

The Price Is Right - Jeans


Which one is the Saks Fifth Avenue
or the Macy's?

A few weeks ago we played "Price Is Right" on Ankle boots.  I had great comments; thank you. 

Before I present today's challenge let me state that some women's shopping decisions amaze me; especially lingerie. I have my "blink point" as to price and many times will pass on an item based on price, even though I really like it. Soma runs weekly sales with many great buys. Example - Last week was five panties for $25.00; yes five dollars each. I will always point out the daily/weekend sales to my customers as the come in.

With that said I am amazed at least once a day, that some shoppers do not even blink when I announce a total price of $200 plus for two bras and a night shirt. Our quality is excellent and style / fit exceptional, however, the total spent at times, makes me blink.  Watch for the sales... 


So today's challenge:

Saks Fifth Avenue - Balmain Ribbed Distressed Jeans  $1,950 (unisex sizing)

Macy's - CELEBRITY PINK Juniors' Skinny Ankle Jeans 16.99 on sale, normally $32
            (Junior size 0 to 16) Hint, I have two pair in light wash and dark blue.        

 Don't look first - What is your guess?
Is there any obvious justification? 


  1. Doesn't matter - both pairs make you look like you were attacked by a bear.
    I've never understood the appeal of ripped jeans.
    - Juliet

    1. The jeans offer the male of the species a peek of the knee, much like the ladies sweaters exposed shoulder, which I have dubbed "shoulder boob".
      So I dub the knee/kneecap as "knee boob".
      Basically your male brain is programed for 'boob'. Yes we are aminals (sic).

  2. I agree with Juliet about the lack of appeal for ripped jeans. However, my guess is the dark blue as the Macy's pair.
    I also agree that the prices for some lingerie are quite high. I bravely went to a Soma for a fitting in August and only got two bras on a BOGO 50%. I still winced internally at the total.

    1. There is a youthful cuteness factor on the ripped jeans that I like. It is a trend I don't think will last long although it has hung around a while.

      Thanks for shopping at SOMA. The BOGO is a consistent sale and does soften the impact. Your bras should last and I find the quality to be excellent. Enjoy

    2. Give me a quick write up on your brave store experience. Others may enjoy it. Thanks

  3. I would say the faded more ripped pair is the expensive unisex. Only because the fly looks longer for unisex purposes for some who might need that.

  4. Never understood the appeal of ripped jeans. It always appeared to me a bit of a sloppy presentation honestly. I am 49. Yeah, I grew up in 80's and the rock stars wore the tattered jeans, but that was one thing versus just out and about. To each their own, however! Whatever makes you happy.