Thursday, October 20, 2022

Feminine Differential - Distressed Jeans and A Simple T-shirt

This is a follow up on my "Price-Is-Right" post on jeans yesterday.  I got great comments (thank you) on the distressed jeans and do agree on the trendy nature and utter silliness. With that said take a look below and accept the "feminine differential" nature of tattered / ripped jeans.  


Distressed Jeans - A easy-to-put-together outfits that always works. Be it a lunch with girlfriends, a market stop, or shopping at the mall.  At first I thought that distressed jeans were only for the teens. However, I have come to like the feminine differential of simple, not torn-out squares, distressed jeans. I see them everywhere even being worn by my age group

The skinny legs look is stylish and tuck perfectly into ankle boots.  Plus, heels always work.   

I would not invest heavily in too many pairs or pay near $2,000 for a pair. They could easily look dated when the trend ends; as all trends do. 

This brings me to a bargain-find a few days ago at Macy's. The above jeans by CELEBRITY PINK, in button fly, curvy fit, Juniors', Skinny Ankle Jeans.  I paid $19.99. These jeans will pair well with boots, heels, and any "feminine differential" V or scoop neck T. Also they will look great with a "French tuck", to show off the high-rise button fly.  Enjoy. 

Again thanks for the comments...




  1. Rhonda--you always look good !!! women can put together so many different looks and trends and look fabulous or trashy, and are allowed to call it STYLE---it has been my opinion--as well as many others that those of us who prefer to wear women's styles, do tend to put a bit more emphasis on looking stylish than trashy----you're a great model for looking STYLISH with class and dignity