Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Tale of Two Boots

Shoe Shopping Fun

Let's play "The Price Is Right"

One of these boots is the Amazon Soda Glove - Ankle Boot w/Lug Sole Elastic Gore and Chunky Heel  - Price $30 to $48

The other is CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Marchacroche Leather Red Sole Booties sold a Bergdorf Goodman - price $1095.  

Now, don't cheat and look until you comment on which-is-which.  


Anyone remember who was the first host of
"The Price Is Right" from 1956 to 1965?
So-called "dean of game shows",
he hosted a whopping 35 different game shows during his career.


  1. Loubie heel is sleeker and the gore is "design-her". I'll take those, please. When I win the lottery...

    1. Correct - Now who is the is the "Price-Is-Right" guy - Before your time?

  2. The Amazon boot is on the right.

    Bill Cullen was an excellent host for so many shows - while I am not old enough to have seen the original Price is Right, I remember him from Three on a Match, $25,000 Pyramid, and others from his later career.

  3. Bill Cullen. He's the only person to have appeared on all of Goodson-Todman Productions' game shows. Additionally, he had polio when he was young, and this resulted in a situation where Mel Brooks parodied Cullen's walk, not knowing about Cullen's affliction. Brooks, to this day, regrets his faux-pas.

  4. More elegant and less "clunky" I would say on the left. Just looks better - although $1000 better I am not qualified to say...😉

  5. The 'lugged sole' kinda gives itself away...
    As far as judging looks..... Always done better when standing over six feet away from the subject. These boots are going to be worn with a long leg pants, jeans, ect so the difference in look at six feet is negligible.