Wednesday, October 12, 2022

WUSS N BOOTS - Who Wore Them Best


Who Wore Them Best

After showing up in sparkling clean white knee-high rubber boots, fascist Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been compared to Nancy Sinatra, Buddy Pine, Green M&M, the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, but perhaps worst, Michael Dukakis.

Many political historians have cited the tank photo-op for where it all went wrong for Michael Dukakis’ 1988 presidential campaign. It also hurt that Dukakis just sat back and didn’t respond to attack ads, but yeah…that tank thing is definitely a contributing factor.

If you’re running for office and there’s something you don’t belong in, then don’t crawl inside of it. That goes for tanks, porn stars, and rubber boots. How goofy did Michael Dukakis look wearing an army helmet while riding in a tank? The answer is: Almost as goofy as Ron DeSantis looked in those white rubber boots.

If those boots were actually muddy or had some appearance as if they were necessary, and not just for a photo-op, then maybe DeSantis could have gotten away with it. But he didn’t. He looked ridiculous and now, they’re going to be in every cartoon I draw on Ron DeSantis going forward. You did it to yourself, you goon.

Dukakis and the Tank
The inside story of the worst campaign photo op ever.

How many immigrants from Texas is DeSantis gonna have to import to Martha’s Vineyard now just to restore the street cred lost to the boots?

What I wonder the most is why was he allowed outside in those boots? I mean, does anyone on his staff like him? Surely, he’s hired some Nazis on his staff and they would like him…right? I mean, like him enough to say, “Hey, maybe don’t Nancy Sinatra this photo-op today, mein governor.”

It reminds me of what Wanda Sykes said about Donald Trump boarding Air Force One with toilet paper on his shoe. She said, “‘They don’t like him.’ Everyone around him who works with him, they cannot stand him. They have no respect for this man. I mean, you would stop a stranger to get toilet paper off their shoe. I’ve almost missed a flight because I’m at my gate and I see someone walking by with toilet paper (on their shoe), and I’m like ‘I can’t let that happen’ and I run down and get the toilet paper off.”

Huricane Woke
Basically, nobody on Ron DeSantis’ staff like him. If someone did, that person would have told him how ridiculous the boots look. But it makes sense that no one likes him. I mean, have you seen and heard him talk?

There are bigger issues that should keep Ron DeSantis out of the White House, but if it’s the white boots that keep him from walking to Washington, I’ll take it.


  1. Sorry Rhonda but I would have to say that Ron DeSantis is not 'Fascist". Hitler and Mussolini were "Fascist' and in no way reflective of anything in the US at the current time. I could draw parallels with Gavin Newsom in California but I won't... That seems to be an overused term in the current political climate...YMMV 😉

    1. Hi Tanit, Thank you for your comment. I welcome second opinions and will always allow those to be expressed. I wish there were more comments.. Your Gavin Newsom parallel is not without some merit.

    2. Perhaps you missed the PBS/Ken Burns documentary on the "The US and the Holocaust". This documentary ought to scare the hell out of you.
      Perhaps you are a 'comfortable, white, conservative(?) closeted crossdresser, dont worry somehow if they need a new 'scapegoat'- instead of the regular scapegoats, you will do nicely.
      Perhaps you are merely a troll, just p-asssing by to needle the trannys.
      BUT you are now HERE, and an 'escape goat' (sic) is an 'escape goat'
      Our republic is closer than you think. If you are a follower of Rhonda, do some more research. After they outlaw the 'gender outsiders', where will you be?
      BTW, google 'the political spectrum as a circular continuum' and see much you missed in school.

  2. Hey, Tanit, Try this on for size.
    Get woke. or Get......