Thursday, November 11, 2021

My Goldilocks Bra Fitting

Yesterday was an Escape challenge day. 

I have never known exactly what bra size was best for me.  Since the commandeering of my girlfriend's bra in 11 grade, I have worn a bra at every opportunity. First, home-made padding, then foam padding - Next, breast forms and then my own. The mystery of proper sizing, at best, has been a shot in the dark. The ban/cup sizing of a bra is likely the ultimate feminine differential. There is nothing in the male wardrobe that is even close.  

I wore a scoop neck t-shirt with no bra to the mall with the intent goal of going to Soma (lingerie shop) to be fitted for a bra. Upon arriving there the old specter of trepidation reared its ugly head; I noticed the store was crowded. I went to Starbucks and had an ice tea to just let the store calm a little. I went back and only one other person shopping.  Let's go for it.  

I walked up to the counter and announced that I need a proper fitting. I announced the obvious, "I am not wearing a bra today" and told the clerk, "I needed to know what size was best for me?" I was taken back to a very nice fitting room and measure over the top of the t-shirt that I was wearing. She announced maybe a 38 or 40 or "C-D"?  I was asked what style I liked best and I stated my preference was underwire. She disappeared and returned with a 38 "B", 40 "C" and 40 "D".  I was left in private to try on all three. Pinch. Pinch. Had I just died and gone to transgender heaven?

The 38 "B" was a no-go. To tight, and my cup runneth over. Now I knew that 40 was the magic number (I assumed that, as most of my bras were of that size).  Now, what was the right letter?  I felt like I was solving a high school math quiz. 

The "C" was good, but the "D" was better and one of the bras she had chosen was an underwire sheer cup. I was in love. The underwire provided good support and the sheer nude material shaped beautifully. Not only did it fit, but looked great, showcasing the girls.  

The good part was that with non-padded / non-push-up sheer cups, I was sure of my cup size. Mystery solved!  I took the UNBELIEVABLE LIFT Unlined Perfect Coverage Bra STYLE: 570306720 in nude to the front and happily paid for it; today 25% off. 

Had I found the "just perfect" Goldilocks Bra?  I think so.  

Epilogue: Upon exiting the store I noticed a "help needed" sign. Shall I?  I went back and ask Tracy were they still hiring?  Happily, she gave me a card with the web address for applying. "Good luck" was her closing remark.  Stay tuned - all dressed up with maybe a seasonal mall job in my future?  


A Soma Store Review: 


  1. Good to see some happy news and great to read that the fitting went so well. Life's too short to wear uncomfortable underwear, IMO 🙂 Plus, the right bra brings out your best in terms of figure.

  2. bravo I was blessed with two great experiences. Macy's and a outlet for Haynes Bali. Both were professional and enlightening. You are right, nothing in male clothing comes close. The lingerie department is such a wonderful island. Thanks for sharing.

  3. HI Lynn - Thanks for the comment. I love your blog. it is so well done and researched.

    Such a true statement - "Life's too short to wear uncomfortable underwear" or wear the wrong kind!

    1. Aw, thanks, Rhonda. 👍 I just keep plodding away on it 🙂

      I finally went and had a proper bra fitting a few months back and as with your experience, it's made all the difference.