Monday, November 15, 2021

Feminine Differential - Compound Contradictions


Venus Cold-Shoulder Mock-Neck Top

I am always looking to enhance my jeans "everyday look" to blend-in and still have a feminine differential. As with many items that have a feminine differential, there is not a male equivalent.  

A cold shoulder sweater is such a delicious contradiction. You are wearing a sweater to add additional coverage for warmth, then you add cutout shoulders or back as shown above.  I love the trendy relax look of this fashion sweater. 

Photo from My Mercedes Club Event 

Lets compound the contradictions by combining shorts with this sweater - The above sweater with white shorts and espadrille wedge heels for a late lunch or early dinner.  Yes, I will get wear out of this look for the cool Florida evenings.  Female fashion is so much fun!    


This is a Venus sweater.  Cold-Shoulder Mock-Neck Top

A mock (turtleneck) neckline and open shoulders make a chic combination in this relaxed fit sweater. Finished with a generous open back cutout, this adorably flirty knit makes the perfect transition piece for windy, carefree days.

In the description Venus list its color as pink.  In actuality it is more of a rusty pink (dark) with a faded-in knit texture. A total feminine differential - Love it.


  1. The greatest recent ladies' fashion invention:
    'The cold shoulder'.
    The second greatest recent ladies' fashion invention:
    'The shredded at the knee' (exposed knee--) (cold knee?) lady jeans.
    I have a nickname for the classic, exposed lady shoulder:
    "Shoulder boob"
    Because mens eyes are PRETERNATURALLY drawn to soft, round, curvy portions of a woman's anatomy...

    Your photo displaying a great posein your sweater with the 'cold shoulder', takes 20 years off your age!

  2. Great Comment - Love it and thank you!

    1. Furthermore....
      "Shoulder Boob" seldom sags!