Monday, November 8, 2021

Heels and Jeans - A Revisit


Can a person wear high heels with jeans?

My Note - This is becoming a favorite look.  Yesterday was cool for a Florida afternoon. Don't laugh, 65 degrees. I wore a crew neck sweater and jeans to the market with my favorite Enzo wedge heels. The outfit worked and I felt confident. The shoes, earnings, and bracket were the feminine differential.  Upon checking out I got my typical "have a nice day ma'am".  

 I just happend to notice the question is posed, "a person". Very interesting.  

BY: Saima Shoaib , Social Media Executive at Clothing and Apparel

I believe high heels with jeans are a perfect combination. Every woman simply loves wearing high heels since it helps them not only look taller and improve their overall posture but also provide charm and elegance to their walk. With so many high heels options to choose from, you need to figure out which one is the best pair to wear with your favorite jeans. While wearing jeans with high heels, we should be taking into account the following guideline:

Fashion Illustration by
Ali Hansen

  • You should wear the right size of high heels with jeans. It’s a common mistake for some to not buy the right size of heel shoes. Heels are seldom very comfortable, and if the size is not right too, then you might experience serious foot aches.

  • Don’t try it if you’re planning for rough days like outdoor activities. Wear this combo for special occasions. This combo is also not suitable for those who have back pain leg cramps issues.

  • Take breaks and don't wear high heels for a longer period. Make sure to relax your feet whenever you get few minutes.

However, these are exceptions and you’re free to wear high heels with confidence with your favorite pair of jeans. Any woman can wear heels, buy it just needs a little practice to master the stylish walk along with heels. 


In the above fashion layout the new item is the "1.STATE Riviera Striped Tie-Cuff Top"  I love the feminine differential that the sleeves  and V-neck cut provides.  I saw this first on the Macy's site, however, mostly sold out.  Google Shopping did a wonderful job of finding it and Walmart had my size, still with a good discount. Also Nordstrom. It does have a summer look but could be a combined with a cute jeans jacket for fall.  

I am starting to like the jeans and heels look.  The look is a good blend of dressy and casual and I am seeing it a lot; and, not just on the junior crowd.  Done right it can really look sophisticated - especially a great look for long legs.   

It was interesting that several of the answers provided on Quora were from men, describing how the wore heels/jeans:

The main benefits is that most jeans will lengthen your legs and the heels will push up your muscles which plumpen up your booty which the jeans normally draw attention to anyway. So in some ways, they’re actually complimentary from the basic ideas of them.


See also "What Shoes To Wear With Skinny Jeans In 2021" for more great suggestion. 


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