Friday, November 19, 2021

Girlfriends Meetup On the Beach

Meetup - "Girlfriends of Hobe Sound"
With our amazing waiter


This was a fun meetup event that I attended two Saturday's ago.  We had one table and were just off to the right of a dance floor with a true "islander" playing a reggae steel drum. He sang. We sang. Everyone sang. My favorite for the afternoon was "Red Red Wine".  I fell asleep that night singing that song over-and-over in my head. 

There was a dance floor and yes, we were all up dancing. All in the large outside seating area was in awe of such a fun group of "girlfriends".  Everyone was watching and finally joined us in the "Conga line" and on the dance floor.   

You can see from the group photo we had a beautiful view of the ocean.  

What I learned is that girlfriends of all ages can be crazy. We all had fun and came together to dance, laugh and enjoy an afternoon. We all acted like we were young. When having fun, years are irrelevant. 

This was one of my best ever Meetup events.  This event lasted almost 4 hours. I don't think any of us really wanted to leave, however, our reggae guy had to stop. At the end he gave us a big shout out and played one final song, just for us.

There was a wedding starting on the beach that several in our group crashed. 

 What a fun Escape.  

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