Monday, November 1, 2021

Halloween Party at the Beach House

It has been many years since I attended a Halloween party.  An important consciousness surfaced after my last costume affair.

"Rhonda" is not a costume. 

She is not a persona that is put on to either entertain or just satisfy a secret internal affair.  She is real in every way and is the ever feminine person I am. The clothing may vary but "I am what I am".    

With that said, I attended my community  Halloween party last evening. There was not a costume involved on my part, however a few of my community neighbors did dress up.  Several choices were quite clever.  

There were a Biden mask, a Brad Pitt mask, and more than a few witches.  I dressed casually befitting a comfortable evening. I wore an off the shoulder top, paper bag white shorts, and wedge heels. I was dressed to blend in with the other female attendees, not wearing a costume. 

As the sun was going down we had perfect weather for a Florida fall evening. The food was "potluck", and I did contribute a dish. I arrived early and helped the party committee ladies set up and mingled. I have already made a good number friends at the pool and most were there. It was fun, validating evening. 

Below are several photos, and the photo above is favorite. My friend Pat and I clowning.



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