Friday, November 26, 2021

Don't Over Think ...

Or you miss out. 

Several evenings ago I got a text from one of my girlfriend-neighbors: ”Are you going to the happy hour?”  I had not gotten wind of the gathering and immediately shot back, where? when? Someone in my beach house community had sent out a blast for "as many as would like" to meet at a close-by restaurant's  tiki-hut bar (outside).  

I had about 15 minutes to think about it and did text back “see you there.”  I texted two other girlfriends and told them I would see them also.  

Normally this would be a planning, coordinating, and time-consuming process of “what to wear?”  Let’s back up and think to the time when nothing like this could happen spontaneously. Then it was "The Art of the Outfit". 

This evening I would be meeting new neighbors who were “snowbirds” so I did want to look nice. 

Makeup was a non-issue because I had had a job interview earlier and was still made up. Just a little more eyeliner would suffice. I grabbed a pair of skinny leg, distressed, denim jeans,  a white loose t-shirt, and my favorite Coach pumps. Maybe a little bit of a young look, but after a quick look in the mirror, it worked. I turned my head upside down, gave my hair a quick brush, shook my head and a gave a good spray.  I was out the door in 15 minutes.  

The evening was wonderful with about 30 from our community. My friends introduced me to the new arrivals (snowbirds) and promises were made to “let’s do this again." Hors d'oeuvres were a plenty and I stayed for near two hours.  

There is a wonderful serenity that comes with fitting in and being accepted. Had I overthought the outfit or the let the trepidation of meeting new people control me, I would have passed on the evening. Had that happened, I would have missed a fun, unplanned escape. 

Lesson - Don’t overthink your escape.  Just do it.  

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