Friday, November 5, 2021

Feminine Differential - The Tomboy Style

 The Cute Tomboy Outfits You Don’t Want To Miss

My Note: What can we learn from the tomboy style.  As we transition into a trans-feminine state we will face civilians at the market, mall and coffee shop.  Our favorite cocktail dress will look out of place at 8:00am. Androgynous will always work, and there are  many subtle feminine differentials that can tip the look. 

Just this past week at a Dr.'s office I nearly had to show my ID to prove I was the person that had the appointment.  At this important appointment it was not my intention to confuse, but just get the test done. I guess my overall look (tomboy) had reached some unintended tipping point. The appointment coordinator ignored me until the waiting room was empty, seeing a male name in the appointment book.  Finally he came out and asked "Ma'am are you waiting for someone?"  

Be careful what we wish for...   

Below is great blog post on "Tomboy" outfits. I will give the lead paragraphs and show several of the photos.  On the post (link provided) there are many photos of different outfits.  See if you can find the feminine differentials that can be used to blend into the real world; our trans-feminine reality.


The androgynous nature of tomboy style fashion is always relevant. Who among you hasn’t flirted with this look at some time? You might be surprised to learn that the word dates back to the sixteenth century, but it came into its own, bigtime, via the garçonnes of the 1930s Jazz Age, with women who adopted what Vogue termed a “trim and boyish” look.

So for inspiration, we can stretch back to Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, Coco Chanel and beyond, and then fast forward to Rita Ora, Alexa Chung, Ellie Goulding and last but never least, Cara Delevingne, to find that the tomboy style is alive and well and living as supermodels and the like.

Reference Diane Keaton in Annie Hall for cool ways to wear waistcoats and ties! It has the definite advantage of feeding into every style – at the moment, it’s a natural fit with the menswear trend, for example – so let its eternal appeal inform your choices every season.

Boxy jackets and laceless combat boots tomboy style clothing will suit cooler days, while you can switch from day to night by swapping a blazer for a tailored jacket and pumps. That’s also the witching hour to add stilettos to sportswear to avoid actually looking like a boy, unless you want to, of course. Further enhance your girly roots by offsetting potentially masculine lines with cute floral prints, jewelry, or brassy buttons.

Get back to combat boots for a dream combo with leather shorts or denim cut-offs, or pair a sweatshirt and torn jeans with trainers. Roll your skinnies and work them with a button-down shirt in classic tomboy style. Conjure up just the right image with overalls and a white tee, but subvert the look with a faux-fur jacket. Throw a hoodie over slouchy trousers and sneakers, or top boyfriend jeans and a loose blouse with a fedora.

Don’t imagine that you can leave chic behind with the tomboy look, though. Gwen Stefani understands this (as she grasps so much else) when she steps out in ripped jeans, a black graphic tee and white-framed sunnies. Adapt your own tomboy outfit with a bomber and a baseball cap, trucker hat or the ever-faithful beanie.

We’re thankful that the style’s become a lot more playful since the 1500s, and that it’s developed a freer tomboy style since the thirties.

Nowadays you can let loose your inner tomboy without giving up being cute – the best of both worlds, don’t you agree?

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