Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Feminine Differential - Espadrille Wedges


J.Crew - Seville espadrille wedges in metallic gold

Wedges are one of the most versatile shoes you can have in your wardrobe, making it an essential fashion staple.

Every now and then you find a shoes that is stylish, comfortable, functional and provides, the ever so important, feminine differential. Most any shoe with a heel (cowboy boots the exception) will provide the feminine deferential but so many times our feet suffer for the style.   

I am a recent convert to wedge shoes having been marooned to avoid the lawn at several outside events. Nothing like that sinking feeling as your stiletto heel vanished into the turf. There are few graceful ways to recover. A good wedge serves the purpose of preventing that and provides much need stability for outside walking on mixed ground; gravel driveways a prime example. 

By definition espadrille are:

Espadrilles are a typical form of Spanish summer footwear. Espadrilles (Spanish: alpargatas; Catalan: espardenyes; Basque: espartinak), are casual, rope-soled, flat, but sometimes high-heeled shoes. They usually have a canvas or cotton fabric upper and a flexible sole made of esparto rope. The esparto rope sole is the defining characteristic of an espadrille; the uppers vary widely in style. The word derives from the Catalan "espardenya", making reference to esparto grass, a plant indigenous to the south of Spain that is used to make ropes and basketry. (Wikipedia) 

The above shoe I got from J.Crew at a terrific price.  Originally $128.00 they were on sale last week for $32.00. I sized down one-half size based on my experience with other J.Crew shoes.  A perfect fit and a shoe I could literally wear for hours at events where standing or dancing would be required. The (3 1/2" - 90mm) wedge heel is just dressy enough to be at home with jeans, shorts or a long flowing summer / fall dress. Stay tuned on the dress.      

Best of all, you won’t feel guilty about having more than one pair of Espadrilles in your shoe closet, since you’ll be able to make full use of them day in and day out; casual to dressy.    

If you are looking for the perfect summer or fall shoes don't rule out the "espadrille wedge". 


  1. What a bargain! They are lovely shoes and I hope they are the right balance of style and comfort.

    Have you noticed a few wedges have started to put a curve into the front part of the sole? It seems to help walking.

    1. You are so right - recently they seem more comfortable and have a greater ease in walking. Maybe a further-back start to the heel (wedge). The J.Crew are super. They even look great with jeans.