Thursday, September 30, 2021

TEAL - The Magic Color!


Boston Proper's fall collection - SLOUCHY SWEATER

Beauty Control,  a cosmetic company that I worked with, taught me color analysis.  Color analysis was part of our cosmetic sales presentation and I learned that there was ONE color that will suit absolutely everyone with autumn coloring (and other season as well). 

If your coloring is "Warm", "Deep" and "Soft", then TEAL is your Magic Color. I've never met a single autumn complexion which doesn't respond favorably to TEAL. If you hair has red undertones, or white like my hair, it is a stunning color for you.

A stunning combination of blue and green, teal is seen in both fall and spring fashions and works well with everything from understated neutrals to bold brights. 

According to Style Yourself With Confidence:

Teal is probably shown at it's best with the spice tones of cinnamon and saffron, and rich warm shades of orange, rust and mahogany through to a deep and rich tomato red. But it's extremely elegant when paired with the simplicity of light beige. 

The above feminine differential sweater is from Boston Proper's fall collection - SLOUCHY SWEATER.  I pared it with jeans simply because they have become my go to look for errands and the mall. To dress up this look, just add heels and the higher you go, the more attention you will get.  See my "How to Wear Jeans with Heels". 


  1. Teal is one of my favorite colors, turquoise jewelry is another. You have great taste in clothing.

    1. For years I called it "turquoise" as well. You see a lot of the turquoise jewelry on west. No so much in the east.