Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Mature Women Shouldn't Be Sexy - Not

Cruise Dress 2019 

Sexiness doesn't have an expiration date. Women and trans-feminine of all ages have a right to enjoy playing with their sexuality / presentation and channeling it through whatever clothes they feel best; whether it be a long, slinky dresses, flirty sequined minis, or high-heels.

 As long as you are happy with your look, that's all that matters. Do not dress doughty to blend in when you can stand out. Be proud - ESCAPE!  

Send me your best sexy photos and tells us where you were when you took it.  Let us all be visible, bold and out.  


  1. Agree with you 100% , Rhonda !

    And you look absolutely stunning in that red gown !



  2. also agree 100%. it seems that many women are ashamed of being feminine and so go with the crowd. and with TG's we are told to really not stand out. baloney-I love evening gowns!--emily

  3. There is no sense in anyone falling into the old TROPE of AGEISM.
    Live in the moment as you so desire.
    Dressing as Velma takes 21 years off my appearance, as many WOMEN have commented.