Friday, September 3, 2021

Tropical Adventures

Cool and comfortable...

When I started this blog over 6 years ago, I discussed how casual was not my friend.  Having worked as an executive assistant for about 10 years and emulating the incontrovertible female professional, I did not feel at home in a casual outfit.  Yes, I had a few short skirts and Tees, but they just did not feel like "me".  

A revolution happened out of the need to blend in a world that was going casual. Also helping was living in an area where looking cool was not a fashion statement but a necessity. I traded pumps for sandals. Hose were a no-no and tight/binding shareware just did not work. 

I was at an after-work cocktail reception during my casual transition, and one of the women had on a skirt/suit, hose and close-toe pumps. My girlfriend made the disapproving comment, "Bank Manager".  Sorry to say, even there in her proper business uniform, she looked out of place.

So the summer heat (year-round) has softened my presentations a lot. Upon seeing an outfit I think; outdoor meetups with my Mercedes Club, pool parties,  roaming an outdoor sculpture garden, and Pina Coladas. The above outfits will be perfect for several planned upcoming outings. 

The Denim Skirt - Tommy Behama's Boracay Beach Royal Botanic Skirt

The T-shirt - Tommy Bahama's Kauai Jersey T-Shirt in Blazing Orange Hthr

The Silk Blouse - Banana Republic's Dolman Top in Flight Jacket Green

The Wedge Heels* - J.Crew's Round-toe canvas espadrille wedges in natural

The Flat Sanders - NineWest's Wantit Flat Slide Sandals in light blue. 


The New Teacher 

*Note on the shoes: I saw these exact espadrille in The Netflix German movie called "Black Island". It is an excellent (dubbed into English) revenge story. The antagonist (actress Alice Dwyer) wore the same shoes a good part of the movie with jeans, dresses, and sometimes, to my immense pleasure, walking on the beach just carrying them. She was evil but cute.   

It was just by chance that I saw them on J.Crew this week.  How could I resist- they were meant to be mine.     

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