Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Embracing Our Age - Hair Color

Humans register grey hair as a sign of age. It’s unfortunate because a lot of people look fantastic with grey /white hair. 

Let’s face it – grey hair can age you and it could be that you don’t like the feeling of “looking your age”.  However there is much more to style than your hair color. One blog comment recently mention that with make-up and hair styled she looked 10- years younger. The power of good fashion choices, makeup and well styled hair, without question, is age redefining.

My every day look 
No makeup and heading out to do errands. 
I am going to discuss hair color. Don’t bail yet even if your hair is thin or non-existent. Thinning hair happens, and for many, inevitable. That is why wigs are make and are not exclusively for the transgender community. My female hematologist this past week has very thin, almost non-existent hair. At my last Meetup group, one-third of the women there wore wigs. So, get over it.

Cis-gender females go to salons to have their hair styled and those with thinning or no hair, go to wig salons/shops to purchase hair and/or have it styled.  Quality wigs and hairpieces are indistinguishable from natural hair with the proper styling /selection and color. 

With my travels, I have noticed regional differences. Here in Florida, many mature women tend to maintain the blond look longer than necessary. In the northeast and Canada, I notice that many women embrace their natural color. As our face ages, choosing a too youthful color draws unnecessary attention.  

Meryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada 

There is one big advantage we have over a cis-gender woman who wants to go natural. The process of growing out long hair (transitioning) from dark to natural white / gray is arduous. Many times taking months/years depending to the length. For those that rely on wigs, it is just a visit, selection, and style process.  There you can try many different color / shades and styles. Voila! The instant new you.  

My hair has been almost totally white for at least 20 years. I wore long red-tone wigs as Rhonda unit a very insightful hairstylist encourage me to grow out my hair. This was one of my best fashion decisions ever. However, somewhat disruptive as I had to accept other changes. My makeup needed to be more subtle, and certain colors no long looked best on me. 

Here is a good post on 40+Style - "To Grey Or Not To Grey?" with pros and cons.  

I enjoy having white hair and do not think it ages me (any more than I am).  Even if I am “looking my  age”, I am proud. Looking youthful is not purely based on our hair but also our attitude, face, makeup, and how we comport ourselves. Especially how we dress. My Silver Sisters network.

There are people out there who rock grey / white hair. Be one of them!  ESCAPE!

Which styles look "OLD"?       Which styles are wigs?

None and all!


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  1. Rhonda , your natural hair color most certainly does NOT make you look "old" - it's actually quite a lovely color , and you look great rocking it !!!