Thursday, October 7, 2021

The Transgender Beauty and Style Mistakes To Avoid


Nicola Jane Chase

Since the announcement that Bruce Jenner will be transitioning into a woman, gender identity has been a hot topic in the media. To help other people who are going through this or on the other side of the change, we tapped author Nicola Jane Chase for some advice. The British-born, NYC-based writer transitioned later in life before penning Tea and Transition. Not only is she an inspiring role model, [not] but she also is quite savvy when it comes to beauty and style. Read on as Nicola shares some of her biggest beauty mistakes and how to avoid them while transitioning.



Every woman loves to look pretty. As a transgender woman, those emotions are just as important while we strive to boost our femininity. However, I feel that we have to be more aware of some dos and don'ts, particularly as we never went through female puberty in our teens. I transitioned in my 40s, so what I went through in that decade was what many cis girls (genetic women) experienced when they were back in high school! Yes, I wore skirts that were too short, tops that were too skimpy, and makeup that I thought was on trend but was dreadful in hindsight. There's something to be learned from every fashion and beauty debacle, which I definitely did — albeit 30 years after many others. These are some of the things that I learned as I embraced my transition from male to female.

Read Nicola detail suggestions on the following subjects:

  • Makeup
  • Hair
  • Dressing Up
  • To boob or not to boob? (got you attention on that one) 
  • Accessorize, baby!
  • Shoes, shoes, shoes!

Style, beauty, and fashion can be intimidating for any transgender woman. It took me much trial and error to find the right appearance that I felt good in and that others seemed to like too. Don't be afraid to experiment, but don't worry if you discover that something that you thought would look sensational on you turns out to look like an ill-fitting trash bag. Laugh it off and don't get disheartened; it is all part of being a woman. There will always be something else that works for you and will make you look, and feel, like the woman that you are.

Nicola Jane Chase is a New York-based writer. Her memoir, Tea and Transition, is available on Amazon. For more info, visit TeaAndTransition.com.

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  1. all true. from personal experience I believe finding a coach or 2 is a huge help and you need a coach for a long time until you are squared away emily