Wednesday, July 29, 2015


All metamorphosed and no place to go.

I have been following a wonderfully fun blog Fit, Not Frumpy.  It celebrates woman’s “Second fifty years.  We may be over fifty, but we are fighting frumpy all the way.”  Therein I have seen some of the most wonderful and classy fashion outfits and tips I have seen in many years.  This woman’s classy taste shows all of us “over 50”, how to look great in our clothing.  Being over 50 (ok well over 50), her advice is wonderful not just for the outfits but as a life challenge.

Why not be active?  There are plays, concerts, museums, gallery opening and wine tastings.  Just to mention a few.  We have all said, “There is nothing to do” - but there is!  Much of the time, we limit ourselves.  It is GREAT to develop new interests and be open to new experiences.

As I have gotten older, I have noticed that it is so much earlier to blend in and that is a positive.  However, why just blend in when we can be vibrant, colorful, interesting and eccentric/eclectic.  Celebrate our life. 

I have joined a business group primarily for the purpose of the social interactions.  We have cocktail receptions, and business presentation and I have had the wonderful opportunitie to meet similarly eclectic people - Inventors, entrepreneur, artist.  

Here is our challenge - Caitlyn Jenner is 65 and is transitioning with the whole world watching. So, is it really that hard for us to eat dinner in a restaurant alone?  In the face of her courage, isn't it time for the rest of us to stop being afraid to make a change and break out of our routines.    If not now, when will we finally do the things we say we have always wanted to do?  For us baby boomers, this is the “Second 50 years"!


  1. Great post...almost a CDs manifesto. We need more folks like you who get out and about at will and with confidence and serenity. The more that folks get out and about and the more that we have interactions with the civilian population the better it will be for all of us.