Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tom Boy Look

Banana Republic Womens "Tomboy" Graphic Tee Size M - White

I found a great discussion on fit and styles for the "forever in-style" t-shirt.  I purchased this t-shirt this spring at Banana Republic.  How appropriate is this!  It seems to be a reoccurring theme/style at BR so keep a watch.  Enjoy!

Fitted vs straight-cut shirts

There are two main styles of t-shirts available: straight cut, often known as "men's" or "unisex", and fitted cut, also known as "women's".

(Note we dislike the use of "men's" and "women's" as labels, because it assumes that all women prefer one type of shirt and all men prefer another; this is Gender essentialism. The term "unisex" is also problematic, because straight-cut shirts are far better fitting for most men than for most women; the label implies that they fit any gender equally well, but that's simply incorrect.)

A straight-cut shirt has wide shoulders and a body which is almost square. The side seams, descending from the armpit to the hem, are absolutely straight and perpendicular to the hem. The sleeves are usually cut loose, and are quite long when measured from the shoulder seam to the cuff.

A fitted-cut t-shirt has a curved side seam which comes in at the waist and goes out at the upper and lower ends, to make room for curvy hips and bust/chest areas. The shoulders are also cut narrower, and the sleeves are shorter and more fitted relative to a straight-cut shirt. The neckline may be slightly scooped in front.

More available the the web site:


 With a little searching I found a t-shirt similar to the above - available here:

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