Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Feminine Differential - Subtleties

There are so many subtleties available when choosing a casual outfit. The mix-n-match option are endless and so much fun. I purchased the "Rose-Print Striped Leather Low-Top Sneakers" last week from Brooks Brothers on-line.  There was something about the cute subtle feminine look but yet still practical for every day. They were on sale during their winter sale.

Normally, I find Brooks Brothers to be a little stuffy for my taste. However, I have occasionally found a casual piece on sale. I believe their typical customer to be the professional man, suit shopping; (think attorney). Although they do have a limited professional woman's section. When at the mall, I will browse the Brooks Brothers store and sometimes try on some interesting. I then note the item, and watch of the on-line sale. Their end-of summer/winters sales make their item justifiable. Brooks Brothers is the store where you look for investment items. 
Brooks Brothers Purse 

I have noticed at my work's "Casual Friday", many of the woman are wearing a variation of a canvas sneaker. I can personally attest to the fact that sneakers are a much needed break from daily heels. I think these sneakers will work perfect with my tailored jeans and sweater tops. 
Several years back I did find this purse at my local mall, Brooks Brothers. I liked the way it was constructed with heavy leather in navy on the bottom and a white weaved leather top. It was ridiculously priced when I first saw it. For over year, I occasionally checked, on-line and purchased it for less than one-forth the original price; persistence.          

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