Monday, February 17, 2020

Speaking Engagement Tomorrow

Tuesday is my speaking engagement at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond Va. I have been looking for the perfect professional look and finally choose the above. I am sure there will be a photographer and will post photos as soon. I am honored to be be recognized as an engineer, entrepreneur and woman in my chosen field.

I will keep everyone posted as to how it goes. Tuesday and Wednesday this week there will likely not be a post due to my travel schedule.  Wish me luck.



  1. Good luck, Rhonda. Looking forward to pics - or maybe even a video?

  2. Rhonda, that outfit will be lovely, you know many of the male engineers will be checking out your legs in those heels! Congratulations on your recognition and good luck with your speech. You got this!

  3. You go gurl!
    The outfit and you will be stunning.
    Is there any chance your talk will be on video and online?

  4. Rhonda, somehow I suspect you don't need luck. I am sure it will be great but just in case, good luck!