Friday, February 7, 2020

Catch Of The Day - Coral Sweater

Coral seems to be a big color for spring.  I love the color because it makes my grey hair pop. This is an open weave and the slouched look on the shoulders hangs just right down the body. This will pair perfectly with any jeans - blue denim or white. It could easily be dressy with a white pair of slacks and heels.  The Coral heels are the Coach (Waverly) with a few sizes left on sale. 

Dinner at Cafe Via Flora
Palm Beach on my Birthday

The sweater is Venus and is new, listed as simply " OPEN KNIT SWEATER".  The current non-discount price is $39.00 (still very reasonable).  Perhaps wait for the sale, however, recently their super great look tops have been selling out. 

I know I am getting a head-start on a spring look, but let's plan ahead for those casual escapes coming up. I am also thinking of how great this will look with white shorts.  Enjoy...  

1 comment:

  1. I love the asymmetrical exposed shoulder pose. Nothing like showing off a little nicely tanned 'shoulder boob'--!
    You being in Palm Beach, you have a natural head start on Spring!