Saturday, January 9, 2016

How Mandible Contouring Creates a More Feminine Look

By: Vartan Mardirossian MD FACS
Double Board Certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

A person’s mandible is their lower jawbone and it can influence the way you look almost as much as your forehead and eyes. The human brain recognizes the mandible as one of the face’s most distinctive features. If you are unhappy with your jawline and want to have a look that is sleeker and more feminine, you might want to consider a procedure called mandible contouring. This simple surgery alters your jawline very subtly to produce a more feminine look.

The Differences between Male and Female Jawlines

One of the main reasons that women opt for mandible contouring is that they feel their face lacks a certain feminine quality. This has to do with the difference in head shape between men and women. Men tend to have a wide jaw and a square chin, while women have a narrower jaw and a soft contour to their chin. This is not a universal rule – instead, it is simply the way things commonly are between men and women. However, society usually associates a broad jaw with masculinity and a narrow jaw with femininity. If you have a square chin or a broad jawline, you may feel that this detracts from your otherwise feminine features, in which case this procedure can help you.

How Does the Procedure Work?

Mandible contouring is a surgical procedure that involves placing the patient under general anesthesia before any work begins. Once the patient is anesthetized, the surgery team accesses the mandible area through incisions made in the mouth. From there, surgical tools draw in the jawline and provide a subtle reshaping that can last for a lifetime. The procedure requires some careful recovery in order to avoid infection and reduce pain. This includes an antibiotic oral rinse which is administered for the first seven days after the surgery. A soft dressing is also worn around the jaw to reduce swelling. After a few weeks, the patient should be back to normal and ready to enjoy her new jawline.

What Defines a Feminine Face?

When it comes to finding a feminine look, the general guideline is to check the ratio between the jaw and the forehead. Ideally, the jaw should be approximately 80% of the diameter of the forehead, resulting in a gentle angle and a slender look. Mandible contouring seeks to keep this ratio as a golden mean, making sure that the changes that get made are subtle and not something that will radically redefine the way you look. This is a permanent procedure that you only need to go through once in your life. After you have gone through the surgery, you will have the more feminine look for the rest of your life.

Many women find mandible contouring to be an effective way to showcase their femininity and make sure that the person they are on the outside matches the image of who they are on the inside. This is a safe, effective procedure that requires only a few weeks of recovery time but which can make all the difference in the world to somebody hoping to unleash their feminine side.

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