Thursday, January 14, 2016



Yesterday I ventured far outside my comfort zone fashion wise.  Florida was a cool 70 degrees, so I was tempered to try a pair of leggings that have languished in my closet for a number of years.  After determining the elastic was still good and my adorable cat had not had her way eating a hole, I tried them. I liked the look!

I have never felt the need to showcase my legs - athletic is the most often description. But I was encourage by a blog I frequent that deals with fashion.  If you are not following Fifty, Not Frumpy then do.  Susan provide a world of good advice, tips, and links to great fashion at our age - "Leggings look fabulous when worn correctly".  So here was yesterday's choices for a trip to the mall.  

 Thanks Susan for great advise.


Banana Republic – TomBoy T-shirt (currently out of stock but something that comes and goes with season)  This was not worn yesterday but maybe someday. 

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