Monday, June 25, 2018

Cruise Advice - Life Advice

Labadee, Haiti - One of my stops. 
I should be already on my cruise when you read this.

One characteristic of going on an ocean cruise seem to be the planning. I have been studying for the last two weeks reviews, suggestion and do/don't. I have my wardrobe planned down by the day including the jewelry. Just kidding about the jewelry. There is advice so specific that applies not only to your ports, but your cruise line, your ship and to the time period you are traveling. I found detail reviews only three weeks old for my ship and itinerary. Everyone has advice. Thank you YouTube. 

I am making every effort to not over plan. I remember some of my early transgender conventions where I had Excel spread sheet by day, morning/afternoon/evening;  are you laughing?  You did it too.  

On board the ship I want to be spontaneous and go with the flow - exploring, people watching and having experiences. There are shows, (Broadway caliber), gourmet specialty restaurants, wine tastings, jazz clubs, ice skating shows, tours, cooking classes and pools and more pools. 

One cruise advice blogs provided this:
Don’t let anyone rain on your parade.

At first, I was absolutely terrified to take part in all of the activities available during my cruise. What would people think if I entered the dance contest or tried the ropes course and freaked out? And then I remembered… I don’t know 99.9 percent of these people and will never see them again! By day three, I was making such questionable decisions as singing karaoke (despite having a voice comparable to nails on a chalkboard) and ordering three desserts… and I was also having a blast.

We don’t get a practice life, this is it… so make sure to have as much fun as you possibly can!  

I do plan on having a wonderful time. Maybe a once-in-a-lifetime experience; maybe not. In any case escapes, planned/unplanned, are to be savored and remembered. Complacency is never part of my escapes - every Rhonda outing is treasured.     

Maybe you port of call this week will be lunch at an outdoor cafe dressed in your best summer outfit - "cruise wear" as it can be. Or maybe just a little shopping at the mall looking for the perfect sandals to match a summer dress you already have. "Make sure to have as much fun as you possibly can."  Good life advice.  Life is good.  

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