Friday, June 15, 2018

Friend's Friday - Designer Name Dropping

Sunday evening was my monthly Meetup group's cocktail reception. This has evolved into mostly a men's business social however this Sunday we had a very nice group of women attending.  I believe the group has been going for over eight years and I have been involved for about two. If you follow my blog regularly, you remember my speaking of this group as the monthly  Second Sunday "Raindancer Steak House" Meetup. That was a mouth full - the name not the steaks. 

This group has been successful for me in that I have made several very valuable business contacts. One of which lead to a long term event project and another with an international training coordinator.   

To the right is a fashion layout of this evening's outfit. We make an effort to be casual, after all it is on Sunday late afternoon. Sorry to be such a designer "name dropper" here, however all of the pieces were purchased on substantial sale, including the J Crew off-the-shoulder top and Ralph Lauren nautical jeans. Early human development relegated females to the gathering role. I strongly believe that "shopping" is the modern equivalent of gathering. I do so enjoy gathering items at the mall.  

After the cocktail reception some stay for dinner. I did this evening and below is a photo of one of our two tables. Taking advantage of outing like receptions, dinners and socializing is so fulfilling. Your confidence soars plus you get to meet very interesting people. ESCAPE!

Stay tuned - more photos coming up in a week or so.

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