Monday, June 18, 2018

The Cruise - Dressing Part 1

Six days and counting to Rhonda's big adventure - The Cruise, June 24-July 1. I have read and studied and from my closet planned what to take. Confession; one new skirt that just looked "tropical". Day-wear is for the time on the ship cruising from destination to destination and for off ship excursion. I wrote about the ship’s details and destinations in a previous post. For evening, outfits a little more dressy and I will post that plan tomorrow. 

I am definitely over planning like I do for so many events however, this is my first cruise and Rhonda anticipates enjoying every moment. All of you seasoned cruisers, any suggestion?

Allure of The Seas


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  1. Perfect- Love your effort & planning of outfits Next Evenings ?