Saturday, December 26, 2015

50,000 and Counting

 A milestone 50,000 views

Today something has happened which I could never possibly imagine - My blog has reached over 50,000 views.  For someone who has always struggled with writing, starting and maintaining a blog seemed unimaginable.  There are those who fear public speaking, but I always found that easy compared to writing.  I cannot tell you the number of times I have shared my writing only to hear snickering or outright laughter.  I appreciate your understanding very much.  I am a ferocious reader thus appreciate the ability to write.  Blogging has given voice to many of my stories, events, and experiences. 

I know that being transgender and having dyslexia has complicated my life.  In general dyslexics are highly creative, intuitive, excel at three-dimensional problem solving and hands-on learning. But dyslexia and being transgender has in many ways, enhanced by life.  I firmly believe that dyslexia has shaped many of my thought processes and believe dyslexia has enhanced my programming skills as to the way I view/process details.  If you are dyslexia then you know it has enhanced your life in ways also.  

Dyslexia is more than just reading and spelling. It has a self-worth component.  If you are told, enough times, you are retarded, dumb or slow, you start to believe it at some point.   Behavioral issues soon take hold.  Add transgender to that mix and it is easy to become demoralize.  However, given the right help support, and understanding, limits disappear.  Once you understand yourself and escape negativity, “it gets better” – Much better!  
Writing this blog has never been about how many views.  It is to help others escape.  Do escape the fear of self-limitation and live a full life.  If this blog has helped one person who has been going through a difficult time, then it has all been worthwhile.

Thank you, if you are a regular reader.  Your support, comments and contributions mean the world to me. We are all different, and we all see the world in a slightly different ways.  Let us embrace our diversity and live full lives.  Escape.  Thank you for your support. 


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  1. Very nicely said. I am a fairly regular reader of your blog and do enjoy your adventures and all the sharing that you provide. I also have to say that I enjoy it when you post a picture or two too. Today's picture really shows how beautiful you are and those legs are simply gorgeous.