Monday, August 7, 2017

A Fool's Game

Is the Democratic Party is abandoning its principals?  Yesterday I read an article on the site “The Hill” that stated “Dem campaign chief vows no litmus test on abortion”.  WTF!

Is the Party so desperate that they are willing to abandon an issue that is at the core of their female support? There is much blame to go around for the unsatisfactory candidate choice of the 2016 and the arrogant campaign that ensued. I contend that America did not vote as much for Trump (an arrogant buffoon) as it voted against Hillary. 

Columnist Jill Filipovic, stated in her editorial “Democrats' disastrous mistake on abortion”:

That's not just an insult to the women (and men) who make up the Democrats' base. It's a fool's errand.

Much of the left has learned all the wrong lessons from Hillary Clinton's defeat. They could focus on increasing turnout among their base -- women and African-Americans -- but Democrats have instead taken a rhetorical page from both Donald Trump's sexism and Bernie Sanders's populism by trying to appeal to disaffected white guys.

My big concern is how long before other issues become watered-down; health care, social justices for the poor / persons of color, privacy, immigration, gay marriage and transgender rights. These principles and associated political philosophies define what it means to be a Democrat and what the party stands for.

Weakening your stand on important issues is a "Fools Game".