Friday, August 11, 2017

Friend's Friday - Invitation

I have put up this invitation for two reasons.  First to encourage you to look for groups and places to escape. There are many places and if it be a group, you get to make new friends. If not a group event, just being out builds your confidence and you get known at friendly establishments. Always wear your best smile.  

Also this is an invitation to local friends in South Florida. This is a LGBT professional and social group - everyone welcome. I have written before about the wonderful staff at The Raindancer and the friends I have made through this group. The "Raindance Steakhouse" is a famous spot in West Palm Beach. Jody, Spiro and Nickey always make everyone feel welcome. We meet every month, second Sunday when not a holiday; e.g. Mother's Day. Also we do meet at other places around the area and in Palm Beach, so check in each month.  

 A fun escape!   

Lounge at the Raindancer Steakhouse

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