Friday, August 25, 2017

Friend's Friday - Allison


Everyone loves a success story. This past week I traveled to North/South Carolina for pleasure and viewing the eclipse. Rooms were all booked in my viewing city-of-choice, so I booked the weekend in Asheville NC which is about an hour's drive just across the border from Clemson SC. 

Asheville is an enclave of art, theater, music, food and scenic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I partook of all, especially the food part. Asheville is an east coast version of Sante Fe. I grew up in the Virginia Blue Ridge foothills and seeing the mountains with their blue cast, always makes me think of home. I will write more about Asheville in later posts.

While there, I had a wonderful lunch at Biltmore Village with a special person. Allison and I became friends when she was considering our mutual facial doctor, Vartan Mardirossian. We found we had much in common, one of which is a career choice. Allison is very articulate, smart and beautiful.  FYI – Vartan did a stunning job. 

Many times within our community, we read tales of distress peppered with guilt, regret, and anger. Very much a reality when lives are unfilled, only with the “wish I had” remaining. When one encounters someone that has taken all the right steps to prevent the “only if”, it is a bright day. Allison is private, although completely living her life to the full, on her terms. She is successfully integrating family and a professional/management career with possible political aspirations. 

Allison is someone that is “out” in our community, working for her success and others as well. A rising star to watch that I believe has just begun to accomplish much. What a pleasure it is to know you. Thank you for our lunch meeting and a wonderful discussion. Let’s hope for many more like meeting.

Allison, we can all look forward to seeing where your intelligence, beauty and motivation leads. 

You go girl! 

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